USA BOG | ECC Ontario 2018 | Beer With Grimm Green | Travel Vlog | The Vaping Bogan

Part one of my recent trip to California for ECC Ontario 2018.

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Gulls – Bad Publicity

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  1. Love how you shoot your vids always have , way better than just a walk about and show off style. I like it more when people actually stop and chat with fans and /or other people in the industry. Total package!!!

  2. So fucking bummed I didn’t get to meet you man. The trip out there turned into a disaster and we had to head back home after we got about halfway to Califonia. The coverage makes it hurt even more haha on a serious note it looked like a fucking badass time. Loved the coverage and I swear on my first born child’s soul I will make sure I get to meet you on your next U.S. tour haha

    As always, keep fucking killin it Bogan, you’re kicking ass more and more every day

  3. Great video Sam! ☺️ Never been to a vapecon, they sure look class! May have to visit the vapecon in Shenzhen, China soon. Absolutely love your vids, keep up the great work. After your review of Geekvape Gbox mod, I picked one up in Bali. πŸ‘

  4. Was happy to see ecigcity will be carrying Bogan Brews here in Riverside, that cola flavor is more addictive than the nicotine.

  5. Stopped watching Grimm when I saw his “review” of the Drop, he lost a lot of respect from a lot of people with that crap and it wasn’t a matter of opinion, he was deliberately using it wrong to make it look bad. Cool vid though πŸ™‚

  6. Bogan great blog hey the co.pany pariot do you have a li k for their products ant find their cunt ass web site know dam where

  7. Onatrio,Cali. Haha being from Ontario, Canada that sounds about right. Glad you had a good time here in North America though bud, Cheers.

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